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Ayur Herbals Cold Wax 150 g

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Ayur Cold Wax gently removes unwanted hair from your body. This unique combination of natural ingredients like sugar, lemon & vinegar painlessly uproots hair from the roots. It slows down hair re-growth and revitalizes skin keeping it soft, smooth & supple. Cold Wax should not be heated, prior to use. Apply using a spatula, spread evenly and pull off with thin cotton strips.container.

Remove unwanted hair from your body with Ayur cold wax.

  •   Contains natural ingredients like sugar, lemon and vinegar.
  •   Delays hair regrowth.
  •   Makes skin soft and supple.

First clean the skin and wipe it dry apply the wax with a blunt knife in the direction of the hair growth. Place the waxing strip over the wax, press down firmly and pull the strip with jerk, in the opposite direction of hair growth. Finally clean the skin with water to remove wax stains and apply ayur astringent lotion.


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