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Bigfun Lubricated Dotted Bubblegum Flavored Condom 10 Pack

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Bigfun Extra Time Condom makes your fun last longer by increasing your time duration in intimate moments. Bigfun Extra Time Contoured Condoms are designed to increase your climax by its special time enhancing ingredient & ribbed-dotted texture. Bigfun Extra Time Condoms are premium contoured condoms designed to give your passionate sessions extra duration by its time enhancing chemical & extra stimulation through its ribbed & dotted texture with anatomical shape. Made using state-of-the-art technology with natural rubber latex devoid of any harmful chemicals, Bigfun Extra Time contoured condoms offers the most natural feel experienced by condoms ever made.

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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