Endura Mass Weight Gainer | Mass Gainer | Gain Weight, Post Workout, 74 g Carbohydrate, 15 g Protein, Healthy Fats (Banana, 1 Kg)

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Endura Mass Weight Gainer has the ability to construct nucleus of cells in body. It also helps in revitalize cells.

 Endura Mass Weight Gainer is a fuel for sustained calorie supply throughout the day and an effective and simple way of gaining weight and maintaining lean muscle mass.

 Endura mass weight gainer will increase muscle repair after exercise, help you gain weight and muscle mass.

 With delivery of 3084 Kcal of high energy, Endura Mass Weight Gainer keeps you full of energy and helps you to gain healthy weight.

 Available in delectable Vanilla Flavor, this weight gainer is made available in 3kg, 1kg, 500g and 400g pack.

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