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Friends Pullup Pant Style Adult Diapers - M-L, 10's pack

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Friends Pullup Pants Style Adult Diapers provides up to 8 hrs protection from the urine leakage. It has a high absorbency rate and comes with an elastic waistband.


Nonwoven, Sap, Woodpulp, Backsheets Cloth-Like, Waist Elastic.

How to Use
  • Wear like an underwear step in and pull on for easy changing. 
  • To find your waist size, bend to one side, find the natural crease, straighten and measure at this point. 
  • Position underwear with the coloured waistband at the front. Step in and pull on the product like regular underwear. 
  • Adjust from the crotch and sides for a comfortable fit. Tear open from easy-open-side after use for disposal.

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Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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