KamaSutra Orange Flavored Condoms 10 pcs

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Is she not showing great interest in sex?

Do you aspire to give a new twist to your sex life and try something refreshingly new?

Do you want to give your queen a refreshing dose of sex?

Thank your stars and consider it is done. Kamasutra has introduced dotted orange flavoured condoms.

The exquisite orange flavor will make her indulge in 'tasting session' for a longer period as the flavor will make her thoroughly enjoy her 'head time' and you can make her enjoy every bit of your 'dipping' time as the protruding dots can give her quivering pleasure with every dip in and dip out.

The tiny projections will rub the highly sensual spots on her juicy vaginal walls making her stutter in pleasure. The kind of pleasure that you can give it to your partner may not be possible under normal circumstances because you may not reach highly sensual zones inside her vagina with your organ and her mind won't be clogged by conception worries when your condoms are on.

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