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KamaSutra Orgasmax 4 in 1 Multi Textured Condoms 12's Pack

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Kamasutra Orgasmax 4 in 1 Multi-textured Condom 12s Pack

Buy Kamasutra Orgasmax Condom Online

Can't remember the last time when you gave her orgasmic sex? According to surveys, only 70% of women experience orgasm during sex. To further narrow it down, women experience orgasm in only one in 3 encounters. Although men have no difficulties in attaining orgasms, intimacy doesn't end with a man’s satisfaction. You should be capable of satisfying your lovemaking playmate as well!

Best Multi Textured Condoms from Kamasutra

Buy Kamasutra Orgasmax 4 in 1 condoms pack of 12's online at best price. Kamasutra Orgasmax is 4-in-1 condoms which are Contoured, Ribbed and Dotted, Climax delay condoms. Set the pleasure levels to Max with Ks Orgasmax condom. Orgasmax condoms are the most unique condoms in India since it serves 4 different features in single condom - Dotted and Ribbed, Contoured with Climax Delay. It is also known as Orgasmax 4-in-1 condoms.

The new Kamasutra Orgasmax condom, for sure, will drive her wild with the substantial sexual desire and, as a complement to her sex drive, it will help you prolong the orgasmic pleasure with special lubricant in the Orgasmax condom. The main purpose of fabricating this Orgasmax Kamasutra condom is to ensure maximum pleasure for both. Dual-textured condoms/Ks multi-textured condom enhanced with active ingredient 4.5% Benzocaine lubricated is the secret ingredient of the Kamasutra Orgasmax condom.

Into the realm of orgasms

Kamasutra has launched a new condom variant that is intended to have orgasmic sex each time you make love to your queen. Kamasutra Orgasmax condom is a special condom variant that is fabricated to help men and women appreciate and enjoy orgasmic sex anytime and every time.

It comforts the couples by helping them to explore the unexplored realms of the euphoric world and experience maximum pleasurable levels. Kamasutra Orgasmax condoms have unique 4-in-1 pleasurable features that are ascertained to stimulate her like never before and let you both have the best time of your lives.

Minimum effort, Maximum pleasure

Ks Orgasmax condom has ribbed, contoured, dotted and climax delay attributes – the best kind of 4-in-1 condom to ensure maximum pleasure. You can go romp on your romantic evening and make her moan in pleasure with every dip in and out as the condom can provide a pulsating pleasure when it reaches the erogenous spots deep inside her.

It’s time to break the expectation levels of heavenly pleasures and now you can extend the time you make love as much as you want with Kamasutra Orgasmax 4-in-1 condoms. You don’t have to do much, as Orgasmax condoms 4-in-1 features will stimulate her wild with lust and also help you delay the orgasmic pleasure. The textured layer and climax delay formula is all you need for long-lasting gameplay of intimacy with your lady love!

KamaSutra Orgasmax Condom - Product Information

DescriptionMulti-Textured Condoms
MaterialNatural rubber latex
TypeDotted, Ribbed, Contoured and Long Lasting condoms
LubricatedClimax Delay Lubricant
ShapeStraight Walled
Length180 mm (Standard Size)
Width53 ± 2 mm
Condom Pack Size12 condoms in a pack
UsageFor single use only

Kamasutra Orgasmax Condom Features

These Orgasmax Kamasutra condoms are bestowed with the following features:

  • Ribbed texture for better stimulation
  • Dotted texture that enhances pleasure
  • Contoured shape for the best fit
  • Climax Delay to help you last longer
  • Sufficient lubrication for smoother and easier lovemaking
  • Coloured for extra fun

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pack of Kamasutra Orgasmax 4-in-1 condoms online here at shycart, the best place to buy condoms online with 100% assured privacy and timely delivery. Buy these amazing Orgasmax Condoms online today!

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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