KamaSutra UltraThin Condoms - 12's Pack

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When you and her are so passionately involved, you don’t want anything to come between you and your partner.. a hard rubber can certainly kill that spirit and bring down that euphoria.

But natural sex is not safe and can lead to unwanted pregnancy. To allow couples like you to enjoy your lovemaking, Kamasutra Ultrathin condoms are introduced. Made from natural latex, the condom allows couples to enjoy most natural sensations during lovemaking.

The extra thin layer will allow you to feel her skin and experience the heat generated in her intimate area during the act. This pink coloured condom comes with reservoir tip to ensure your bodily juices are safely collected and you need not worry about condom breakage during the act.

The ultrathin condoms allow you to enjoy best stimulation. The pre-lubricated condom allows you to enjoy smooth lovemaking without any pain or discomfort for her. 

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