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Moods Strawberry Flavored and Dotted condoms - 12's Pack

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Strawberry is a most sought after fruit which has a queer taste and is compared to a maiden. Most of us fond of strawberry ice cream which tastes out of the world. Similarly Moods Strawberry Flavoured and Dotted condoms rejuvenate your spirits and stimulate the passion in you. This condom ensures enjoyable and pregnancy free sex. Judy who is in her late thirties prefers this type as it reminds her of strawberry fruit and the luscious taste it bears. She feels comfortable using Strawberry flavour condoms and so does her partner.

Moods Strawberry – Product Info

Colour & Lubrication: Pink Coloured and Lubricated

Texture: Dotted

Shape: Straight walled & Teat ended

Flavour: Strawberry

Condom Size: Length 180 mm (min) | Width: 53 ±2 mm

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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