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Moods variety pack

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One can pick a condom from a wide variety available in this pack, depending on ones mood. The free book "Moods outdoor sex guide" is withdrawn from the the variety pack and its not provided with Moods variety pack.

Moods Variety Condoms - Product Information

MaterialLatex Condoms
LubricationYes, Lubricated.
TypeDotted, Ribbed, Ultra thin, All night and Flavours
FlavourChocolate and Mixed-Fruit Flavours
Quantity16 condoms
Condom SizeLength : 180mm and Width : 53 ± 2mm
Tested against breakageYes, clinically tested.

Moods Variety Condoms Pack includes:-

This pack of Moods Variety Condoms is your gateway to heaven! Packed with an assortment of variety condoms, you’re in for an incredible experience full of surprises. Buy Moods variety pack to make your sensual nights surprising!

This Assorted Moods variety pack of 16 Moods Condoms contains the following:

S.noCondom NameQuantity
1Ultra Thin Condoms2 Condoms
2Dotted Condoms2 Condoms
3All Night Condoms2 Condoms
4Ribbed Condoms2 Condoms
5Coloured Condoms2 Condoms
6Chocolate Condoms2 Condoms
7Scented Condoms2 Condoms
8Fruit Flavored Condoms2 Condoms
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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