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Moov Pain Relief Cream 10gm

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Moov Cream helps in relieving the pain and relaxes the muscles and helps to recover fast. These ingredients penetrate deep inside to produce warmth and are known for their pain-relieving properties. An analgesic (or pain-relieving) ointment made using 100% ayurvedic ingredients helps in relaxing muscle stiffness and relieving pain effectively. It gives a fast and long-lasting relief from muscle pain, neck, and backache, and inflammation.

IT CONTAINS Turpentine Oil, Nilgiri Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Mint Extract


It's a quick pain relief cream for common problems like frozen shoulder and body ache

Turpentine oil helps to relieve pain from underneath the tissue and relaxes the muscles

The soothing warmth from the eucalyptus oil and wintergreen oil bring instant relief to the muscle by relaxing it

The mint leaves give a cooling effect to the pain and treat the sore muscles and relieve joint aches

Eucalyptus Oil in the move cream provides soothing warmth and makes it an excellent massage cream for joint pain

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