Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar 100g

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The Sebamed Cleansing Bar is a body cleanser that is free from soap to both cleanse and moisturize your skin without causing damage. Sebamed Cleansing Bar is the first patented product from Sebamed. Dermatologist developed, the Sebamed Cleansing Bar which has an mild and compatible with the most sensitive of skins, gently cleansing deep into pores without causing dryness as regular soap can It contains an effective, hydrating complex with Amino acids vital to the skin, as well as vitamins and Lecithin, which promotes the moisture balance of the skin.The pH 5.5 helps to promote the healthy skin balance and† maintains the skinís softness and smoothness.†

Sebamed Cleansing Bar is free from phthalates / parabens† so is safe for your sensitive skin†

About Sebamed

One of the most trusted names in skincare products, Sebamed has over 50+ years of experience in nurturing all skin types, across the world. Sebamed was curated by Dermatologists and are the pioneers of the pH 5.5 concept and more than scientific studies proving the efficacy of its products.Every Sebamed product is meticulously formulated to a pH balance of exactly 5.5 - precisely the pH of healthy skin. This is essential in maintaining your skin's natural hydrolipid barrier against environmental stress. Any other pH level, such as found in soap may leave your skin open to break-down and deterioration.†

Originating in Germany, today Sebamed is present in and endorsed by doctors globally. All Sebamed products are made in Germany† except two and have to go through stringent quality checks

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