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Skore Cool Mint Condoms - 10's Pack

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Anything that is cool is lovable. Though love making is hot and exciting, playing it with a cool condom will add a cool twist to the whole affair. Skore cool condoms are available in 10's pack. The cool condoms, as the name indicates, will give a cooling sensation when worn. The condoms come with a specially coated lubricant which will give cooling sensation. The cool condoms come with dotted texture to experience heightened pleasure during your love making.

When she is holds your manliness with cool condoms on, you can see the chill running down her spine and the excitement would be writ large in her face. The feeling of chillness in her vagina is sure to make her quiver as soon as you enter her with your cool condoms on. You both will be exhilarating sensation and will experience a different level of sex for the first time. Skore cool condoms are absolutely safe for oral, vaginal and anal sex.

Skore Cool Mint – Product Info

Colour & Lubrication: Coloured and Lubricated

Texture: Dotted

Shape: Straight Walled & Teat ended

Flavour: Cool Mint

Condom Size: Length 180 mm (min) | Width: 53 ±2 mm

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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