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Zandu Sudarshan Ghanvati 40 Tablets Bottle

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Zandhu Sudarshan Ghan Vati contains the goodness of Triphala, Haridra, Daruharidra, Kantakari, Karcura, Pippalimool and more. Triphala protects the body from the threat of allergens and infections. This Ayurvedic formula restores balance of the three prominent doshas and improves the body overall immunity response. It is formulated to encourage the production of healthy immune system cells. It balances the dosha as a means of improving the digestive system. This in turn reduces the amount of discomfort in the body. This is also used as a diuretic.

Direction for use:
One to two tablets should be taken twice a day with water and does not have to be cut.

Use under medical supervision.

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